Smart landscaping improvements to Increase Your Property Value

Getting ready for the busy home buying season? It's time to make your house shine from the outside in! Smart landscaping improvements, from pretty plants to useful outdoor areas, can seriously up your home's charm and even its value.

This post will show you some landscaping projects that not only make your outdoor space amazing but also add value to your property. Whether you're selling in Northeast Ohio or anywhere else, these landscaping ideas will make your home a star:

  • Create a Relaxing Spot with a Deck: Add some living space outside with a deck. A small deck off the kitchen or a bigger one overlooking the backyard creates a perfect area to hang out, eat, or just chill. Well-designed decks become fun outdoor escapes, naturally connecting your home to the outdoors and making it more appealing to buyers.

  • Plant Trees for Beauty, Shade, and Value: Planting trees in the right spots makes your property look nicer and also offers benefits you can use. Big trees give shade, which can lower your energy bills and keep your home cooler in the summer. They also make the air cleaner and look great from the street, adding real value to your property.

  • Go Green with Easy-Care Plants: Xeriscaping, or using plants that don't need much water, is a popular choice because it saves water and is easy to take care of. By planting local plants, succulents, and rocks or mulch beds, you can create stunning landscapes without spending a fortune on water bills. This is especially attractive to homebuyers in hot climates. Xeriscaping not only saves water but also shows you care about the environment, making your property more valuable.

  • Invest in Smart Watering with a Sprinkler System: A modern sprinkler system makes sure your water is used well and keeps your lawn healthy. Smart watering systems let you set watering schedules based on the weather and how dry the soil is, so you don't waste water. Sprinkler systems not only keep your landscape looking good but also make your property more desirable by ensuring a lush, vibrant lawn.

  • Light Up Your Evenings with Outdoor Lights: Placing outdoor lights in the right spots makes your property safer, more secure, and creates a nice atmosphere, adding value to your home. Lights along walkways, lights that shine up trees and pretty features of your house, and small lights in outdoor living areas create a welcoming feeling and let you enjoy your outdoor spaces even in the evenings. Well-planned lighting design highlights the beauty of your landscape and adds to your home's curb appeal.

  • Maintain a Healthy Green Lawn: Regular lawn care, including mowing, feeding the grass with fertilizer, and letting air into the soil, is essential for a healthy, green lawn that looks great from the street. A well-kept lawn creates a pleasing backdrop for your property and contributes to a good first impression. Consider hiring professional lawn care services to ensure your grass is healthy and adds value to your overall landscaping.

Landscaping Don'ts: Avoiding Projects that Turn Buyers Off

While landscaping updates can boost property value, some projects might not be a good investment. Avoid over-the-top landscaping that requires a lot of maintenance and might scare away potential buyers. Additionally, stay away from plants that spread easily or landscaping features that take away from the natural beauty of your property or make it less functional.

From useful outdoor spaces to eco-friendly practices, smart landscaping updates can significantly elevate your property value. There's no need for drastic changes; even simple additions can make a big difference. By investing in these landscaping projects, you can maximize your property's value and appeal to prospective buyers, making your home the perfect haven for them.

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